Five On Friday

Hey everyone! I’m linking up with Darci, April, Natasha, and Christina for Five on Friday!

We had a very busy week! I had a few product launches for my business and on Wednesday we went to the zoo! Tonight we are having some friends over to watch the Cardinals game (GO BIRDS) and eat chili. BTR woke up early and put the chili in the crockpot. Yes BTR is the real cook in our family. :)

This week I got a Fitbit! And I’ve realized exactly how much I’m not moving during the day. So operation “walk all the steps all the time” is currently happening in our house. BTR got one last week through a grant at his school, so we’ve turned it into a little competition!

We are going to try and go to the pumpkin patch this weekend and take some photos. I’m hoping the weather is nice and that little man cooperates! He’s able to sort of sit on his own, so hopefully we get a few cute pictures!

I feel like I’ve totally dropped the ball on blogging. The first few weeks I was writing all the time it seemed like. I have about six million topics I want to write about and event made a cute little calendar and topic list. And that’s where I stopped. Hopefully I can get my act together and get some more posts going in the next few weeks!

I’ve decided what Jude is going to be for Halloween and I’m so excited! I’m not going to share just yet, but it’s super adorable and I can’t wait to dress him up! And yes BTR and I will be dressing up in a matching theme. And no BTR is not excited. :)

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!