Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace And Love, and Momfessionals today!

Wow it’s been radio silence here all week! Sorry for no new posts, I’ve been busy with some new products that came in for my business and shipping them out to customers!

This weekend is our church’s huge Oktoberfest picnic. We’ve never been before (we just started going to this parish earlier this year) and we are so excited! It’s supposed to be lots of fun and BTR will be working in the beer garden for a while to help out! I’m excited to push Jude around in the stroller and meet some more parishioners!

We are also going to try and attend the Strange Folk Festival taking place in a local park. We went last year and enjoyed walking around and seeing the different little shops and crafts they had set up. Hopefully the jockey boxes BTR built last weekend will be used!

BTR is going to try and have a brew day this Sunday and I’m so excited! We haven’t brewed at home in a while and we are going to try and do the all grain method instead of extract. Also this means I get to make dog treats with all the spent grains, so we will have some happy pups!

I think Jude is so close to crawling. He’s been pushing up on his hands for a long time, but he’s started pushing up on his knees more recently. He can only do his hands or his knees, not both at the same time, but it’s so adorable to see him push his little legs ups! Almost like he’s in downward dog. :)

Hopefully I can get some posts ready this weekend for next week. What are your weekend plans?