Weekend Fun

We had such a busy weekend! Here’s what we were up to!

It was Belleville’s 200th Birthday and they celebrated by having a whole lineup of fun entertainment at Oktoberfest. So on Friday we headed downtown to see THE BEACH BOYS. Yes, the real Beach Boys. It was so much fun!

beach balls

Did you know Stag Beer was originally made in Belleville? They came out with special Belleville cans!



On Saturday BTR had to work on a project so I helped him during naptime. We got this wood from a place in STL, it originally came out of a home in Benton Park and is over 100 years old. I was pulling out nails.

taking out nails

He made two Jockey Boxes (covers to go over coolers that pour draft beer) for a local beer place to use when they pour at festivals and events. I think they turned out really great! Another fun project for BTRWoodworks!

On Sunday BTR finished up the jockey boxes and made pulled pork. We had dinner out on the back patio and Jude joined us in his bouncer.

And you may have already seen this photo on my Instagram, but I had to share it one more time. :)

we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine

What did you do this weekend?