Weekend Loveliness

I know it’s Tuesday, but I thought I would do a quick weekend recap! We had a very relaxing weekend. Friday during the day I went to STL and hung out with my friend and her son who is about 6 months older than Jude. We had so much fun catching up!

Saturday morning BTR ran errands for my dad’s business and then we went over to STL to a place called Refab. It’s basically a junk yard and you can buy the scraps of random things. We were buying some reclaimed wood, but they had a ton of lockers that would have been awesome for a basement or garage!

Refab in STL

After we got back we headed to a local park for a craft beer festival! It was fun pushing Jude around in the stroller and trying different beers. And I got pretzels. If there are pretzels on a menu, I’m ordering them, I’m pretty much obsessed.

Jude and BTR's beer

Jude and BTR’s beer

me and Jude

always order the pretzels

always order the pretzels

Sunday we went to church, made taco soup, watched football, and just relaxed! It was great to not do anything crazy and get ready for the week.

Did you do anything fun last weekend?