The Story of… Liz – part 1

So I figured I need to do a post about me! I know you’re all just dying to know my deepest, darkest secrets! :) I’m going to call these “The Story of…” because I know I’ll eventually have lots of stories to tell!

I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, also known as Belleville, IL. I went to a small Catholic grade school, which led to the Catholic high school in town. I was a dancer in grade school and was on the dance team for a few years in high school as well. Oh and I was on the yearbook staff (nerd alert) in high school. I met BTR the summer after my freshman year, but more on him another day. :) After I graduated high school I went to Saint Louis University (yes BTR was already there, but I wanted to go there before he did!). At SLU I joined the Kappa Delta Sorority and made two of the best friends I’ll probably ever have. In high school I decided I wanted to be an accountant. I’m not exactly sure how I came to that decision, but I was dead set on working for a Big 4 firm after college. So accounting was my major

my high school graduation

In college I had the BEST job ever! I was a tour guide at the “local” brewery and worked in the gift shop. Basically I got paid to talk about beer and hand out free beer samples, yes it was as awesome as it sounds. I also got an accounting internship at the brewery my senior year of college. The internship made me realize I enjoyed corporate accounting much more than working at an accounting firm.

the best college job ever

After college BTR and I decided if we were EVER going to move away, now was the time to do it, so off to Chicago we went. I had a couple of temp accounting jobs and then started working as a staff accountant at a non-profit. Then I got the call of a lifetime! I had put my resume in at the local offices for the brewery I had worked at in STL (I assume you’ve guessed which brewery it is by now) and they needed an accountant. I worked there for about 6 months before the brewery was bought out by an international brewery and I was laid off. Devastating to say the least. But a week after I was laid off BTR proposed (more in another post) and I almost forgot about losing my dream job. The plan was to work for them in Chicago until we decided to move back to STL and then get a job for them down here, so my dreams were definitely crushed.

Bike The Drive in 2009

I’ll end this here and finish up tomorrow!

Did you ever have a dream job? Are you working at it now?