Five On Friday

I’m linking up with A Little Bit of Everything, Grace And Love, and Momfessionals today!

I’m trying really hard to lose the baby weight and just be healthier in general. Well I made some lactation cookies (recipe soon!) to help to keep my milk supply up. Cookies and diet do not mix well.

I’m so excited for the long weekend! BTR is going to a bachelor party this weekend so there’s one night where it will be just me and Jude. I’m a little nervous, but Jude is such a good baby it should be fine!

Did you know there was a National Dog Day? I did not! But I jumped on the insta bandwagon and posted these shots of E & A. We have the best pups!

On Wednesday night we went to dinner at Quincy Street Bistro. We had a gift card we won in a raffle at the Midwest Belgian Beerfest. I had the Spicy Shrimp Roll and mac-n-cheese on the side and BTR ordered the Smokehouse Burger with homemade chips. But we actually cut them both down the middle and shared. It was delicious and Jude was wonderful while we ate. I actually couldn’t believe how many kids and babies were in the restaurant, practically one at every table!


We ended up going swimming again on Sunday last weekend. Jude had so much fun. I can’t wait till he’s bigger next year.

What are your weekend plans?