Another Saturday…

Today was just another Saturday, except it’s also the last Saturday before school/work starts for BTR! We ran a few errands to get lightbulbs, potting soil, and grain for BTR’s brew day tomorrow. More about home brewing in another post.

Ellie And Addie

I needed potting soil because I’ve been wanting to fill these planters for such a long time! I bought them at Crate & Barrel a few years ago. We have a big square foot garden in a raised bed outside, but I wanted some basil for indoors when it gets cold outside. I also planted cilantro and lavender. I have this little tray on our kitchen table and figured I will put them there for now depending on how big everything grows.

And because everyone loves babies and BTR loves football…

Go Rams!

Do you have indoor plants? What about an outdoor garden?