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Mama War Stories – I’m totally winging it.

Truth time. I don’t know what I’m doing as a mom a lot of the time.

There I said it. Out loud.

Mama War Stories - I'm totally winging it. | Ellie And AddieWith two little boys ages 1 and 3, things are a slight bit crazy around here the majority of the time. But I seriously wouldn’t have it any. other. way. I love it.… read more

Day In The Life – April 2017

Hi friends!!! Welcome to the newest Day In The Life post! It was a fun one to put together! Thanks to Julia for reminding me to do it, I can’t wait to read everyone else’s days!

Day In The Life – April 2017 | Ellie And Addie

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Brandon – 32 years old
Liz – 31 years old
Jude – 3 years and 12 days
Ezra – 1 year and 3 days
Ellie – 9 years old
Addie – 6 years old… read more

Day In The Life – October 2016

I’m so excited to share another Day In The Life post with you all! Fair warning, tons of reading and pictures. And you probably won’t find me that interesting so feel free to skip ahead! :) And big thanks to Julia for reminding me to do these and then compiling them all!

Day In The Life – October 2016 | Ellie And Addieread more

Weekend Fun

I haven’t done a weekend recap in sooooo long and this past one was just awesome so I really wanted to remember it!

We started Friday morning off with a Police Appreciation play date at the park that a friend put together! Lots of different local agencies came and all the kids got to climb in the cars and play with the lights and sirens. I left E at home with Brandon so just Jude and I could play and we had so much fun!

Weekend Fun | Ellie And Addie

Friday was the official start of STL Craft Beer Week (best week of the year!!!) so that evening we headed downtown to the Brewers’ Picnic … read more