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Green Chile Chicken Tacos Boats

Even though both boys have April birthdays, I decided a Cinco de Mayo birthday party would be so much fun! So we are gearing up for a big birthday FIESTA at the end of the month and Brandon and I have been testing different recipes of food we want to serve that day. Clearly, there will be tacos. Lots and lots of tacos. And probably some margaritas.

Green Chile Chicken Tacos Boats | Ellie And Addie

While we will have traditional ground beef tacos at the party, I also wanted a chicken option. So we came up with green chile chicken taco boat recipe! That’s kind of a long name, just go with it.

Green Chile Chicken Tacos Boats | Ellie And Addie

Lately, I’ve been shopping with … read more

Taking CARE with Boon

This post is sponsored by Boon, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. #BoonCAREpackage #BoonSentMeThis

So like everything about being a parent is hard. There I said it. Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about something that will make your parent life easier. All in one little bundle.

Taking CARE with Boon | Ellie And Addie

Well thanks to Boon and their new CARE bundle, taking care of your baby just got easier. No seriously. I remember registering when I was pregnant with Jude and I was completely unaware that health or grooming kit was necessary. Luckily someone gifted me one at my shower, but it was nowhere as comprehensive as this … read more

How We Dunk

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I’ll be completely honest…

Our Valentine’s Day was kind of a hot mess. With a wild toddler and a sick baby all day, I was pretty much DONE by the time BTR got home from school. Scratch that, I was done at 9 am. :)

But when BTR got home we decided to turn things around and have a DUNKING PARTY with our OREO cookies. Before dinner. Yup, we’re rebels like that.

How We Dunk | Ellie And Addie

Can you believe this was the first time Jude tried OREO cookies? I find that shocking since I consider them a food group.… read more