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All-In-One Gifting with Incredibundles

This post is sponsored by Incredibundles, but all opinions and happy kiddos are my own.

All-In-One Gifting with Incredibundles | Ellie And Addie

I recently went on the hunt for some new Sesame Street stuffed animals. I had given Jude an Elmo and Cookie Monster when he turned two/became a big brother and then we added Big Bird this past January before we saw Sesame Street LIVE.

All-In-One Gifting with Incredibundles | Ellie And Addie

But lately Ezra has been OBSESSED with Jude’s Cookie and I figured little bro deserves his own stuffed animals that he doesn’t have to steal. :) Enter Incredibundles! (HINT: read all the way to the bottom for a fun giveaway!)

All-In-One Gifting with Incredibundles | Ellie And Addie

I was so excited to find this company and … read more

Blackberry Cocktails Two Ways

We finally made it out to Eckert’s to go blackberry picking! They’ve been open for a few weeks and I’d been dying to go! And guess what we did with those blackberries? We made some cocktails!

Blackberry Cocktails Two Ways | Ellie And AddieBut first let’s talk about picking. Now I didn’t have high expectations for the boys to enjoy eating blackberries (because they are crazy) but Jude entertained the idea of trying one. And only one.

Blackberry Cocktails Two Ways | Ellie And Addie

At first Ezra was like no way, but then he loved them after we fed him a few. Then we couldn’t keep him out of the picking boxes!

Blackberry Cocktails Two Ways | Ellie And Addie

So we finally found a fruit one of them will eat! YAY!… read more

Friday Favorites

It is full on summer around here and we have been busy! Here’s just a few of my favorite things from the past few weeks!

Earlier this week BTR and I loaded up the boys and delivered Meals on Wheels to seniors in our community. A member of Junior Service Club actually does this EVERY Monday so as members we all sign up and take turns delivering! It’s definitely one of my favorite service activities in the club and I’m signed up again in a few weeks!

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All Peachy In The #rotzgarden

This post is sponsored by Eckert’s, but all opinions and love of fuzzy peaches are my own.

Ever since we built our house (way back in 2010) Brandon and I have talked about wanting fruit trees. And while we did plant a few regular trees a couple years ago, we knew it wasn’t enough. So when Eckert’s asked us to share about their garden center, it was pretty much a match made in plant heaven. I mean they are the legit fruit tree experts so obviously we knew we were in good hands!!

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